Successful Rescue Stories-

To the world you are just another rescue person but to the animal you rescue, you are the world... 




In the summer of 2011, I received a call from a woman regarding an injured cat. I responded to the call and arrived at an industrial park located in Lake Worth, Florida. The injured cat was part of a colony of a half a dozen or more cats.  I successfully trapped the injured cat and took him to my local veterinarian.  I could see that his leg was severely bleeding and broken. The diagnosis left only one option for treatment: amputation of the front leg.  Even though I had no idea of the cat's temperament, I decided to proceed with the surgery to save his life.  Ernie spent a week with my veterinarian and  was a model patient.  I believe he was grateful for relief from the agony he must have endured.  You can not imagine a more loving, friendly, happy rescued lap cat.  In light of the fact that Ernie was considered a feral cat, Ernie's story is  indeed a miracle!



Sporty is a black and white tuxedo stray cat that was living behind a shopping center in Wellington, Florida.  I had been feeding a colony of approximately 10 cats there for over two years.  Sporty was the friendliest cat in this colony.  In late March 2012, I became concerned that I had not seen Sporty for three days but it is not unusual for feral cats to wander. However, after a week went by with no sight of him, I was now very worried. One evening, I fed the colony early and decided to return later to check on them.  To my surprise and delight, Sporty had returned.  I bent down to pet and greet him when, in horror, I noticed his right eye was swollen to the size of a golf ball.  I quickly put Sporty in a carrier to get him safe and  medical attention.  Apparently, he had a sharp object completely pierce his eyeball.  The recommended treatment was to remove his eye.  Sporty spent four days at the vets and everyone fell in love with him.  I took him home and since then he has become an absolute love.  He is tender, loving, and extremely friendly with people and other cats. I cannot imagine my household without my new pal Sporty.
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